Travel the world by using your word-building skills!
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GameHouse, Inc.

Use your word skills to travel the world in this combination of adventure and Scrabble! Place letter tiles on maps to create a path around the world and return to your headquarters in London.
In the Quest mode, you are provided with plenty of interesting stages and come in distinct shapes, there is no conventional square. The stage is passed only when you form words and reach the goal. Navigate your way around buildings, trees, and strange empty spaces in the game board, and be careful to not limit your options, for getting across strategy plays a much bigger role than before.

There is no clock to and there is no opponent other than the unique layout of the board. The board also offers a series of spaces where you can accumulate more points. From the double letter spaces to the triple word scores, you will also find some treasure chests on certain spaces.

If you're bored of the traditional Scrabble formula, this game is definitely the one thanks to its countless unique layouts.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Mind development, fun to play, good graphics for a board game, requires strategy


  • You need to have a good graphics card and above average RAM memory; otherwise it will run too slow
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